Coil Winding Machine

Because at some point you get tired from winding all those coils a project of mine will be that machine which does it for you!
After some tinkering i started drawing stuff in solidworks for my 3d printer to start producing.

What did this machine need.
– A display for status report
– A wire guidance system
– 2 Stepper motors
– A few sensors
– Some piece of software capable of calculating and doing the task

Coil form roller
Wire guidance base
Machine overview
Wire feeder guiding blade

After about 24 hours worth of printing time the first parts were finished and assembled for the wire guidance base.
About half a day more for most parts of the coil form roller.

Partially build coil form roller
1:1 gearing system from stepper motor to the drive shaft
Wire guidance base
Wire guidance and left end switch
Rack and pinnion gear

After finished most parts of the build i started heading to making the control circuitry.
For the device i used:
– Arduino Uno
– 2x a4988 stepper motor driver
– LCD display with keypad Arduino shiel

The keypad with bus capacitors and 5v regulator
Side view
Bottom view with the 2x a4988 driver boards

It took me a while to write the code which isn’t running stable enough yet.
But most of the functions are now implemented in the device.
One thing i still have to correct is the motor speed up and speed down class for the start and end of the winding program.

Running a program from right to left at pm 1

Ill be open sourcing the program once it runs smoothly.
So to be continued.